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Almost Half Way

Another crazy adventure has consumed my life and it’s been a whirlwind of up’s and down’s. We are not almost halfway through the trip and it has absolutely flown by.


XTERRA West Championship - Las VegasJennifer and I left Boulder in late April less than one week after I returned from Las Vegas for the XTERRA West Championship. The goal of that race was just to show that I could race again. It had been almost 8 months to the day since I was hit by a truck. The recovery has been slow, but I was excited to see that I could swim, bike, and run again (yet not as fast as I would have hoped). I led a group of about 8 or so athletes on the swim, so that put a smile on my face when I exited the water. My new Scott Spark 900SL worked perfectly in the dry desert and my Altra Superior 1.5’s were just the right shoe for the run. It wasn’t an impressive race, but like I said, I was happy to finish and 13th was ok.


Once I returned from that race, the big adventure began! Within a little more than a week, we flew to Amsterdam, picked up our RV, drove to Tuscany and ran a 50k ultra run. To see more of the photos and read some of the stories, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also read some blogs that I have posted on Triathlete.com.


XTERRA SpainWe headed to Spain next for the first XTERRA of our European tour. They ended up cancelling the swim and making it a duathlon. After a 4k run to start things, they sent us down “20 Clavicals” for a super technical descent and start to the bike. For reasons still unknown, at the end of the bike, officials changed the bike course while we were out there. It became a hike-a-bike for nearly 30 minutes. At one point I caught up to the guy marking the new route with tape. No one seemed to know what was going on and athletes were going in all different directions. I held on as long as I could, but the addition time on the bike messed with my nutrition and I cracked near the end of the run. I was able to hang on for 6th.



XTERRA PortugalWithout delay, we hopped in the van the next day and made our way to Portugal for the next race the following weekend. Portugal was a far better experience than Spain. We had wonderful, inexpensive camping close to the venue, the organization was spot on, the town was amazing, food fantastic, and had such a wonderful time after the guessing game we had the week before. I wish my race had gone as well as the rest of the experience. I had some issues with nutrition again on the bike and took a wrong turn on the run and ended up finishing 5th on the day.


Without a day to spare, we were back in the van and on the road again. We made our way across northern Spain, southern France, and northern Italy in search of trails, pools, and fun sites. We weren’t able to find much of any of those, so we hopped on a ferry in Northern Italy to cut out some of the driving time on our way to Greece.


XTERRA GreeceGreece ended up being a far different experience than we had expected. The location was beautiful, the organization one of the best that I had ever seen, and the people amazing, but the town was close to non-existent. We spent the week living off of bread, cheese, and canned meat. With the lack of training over the last couple of months, my efforts in the race we’re less than impressive. I did what I could, but 9th pro was the best I could muster for the day. We had an amazing meal with Kahuna Dave after the race and stuffed ourselves silly on some traditional Greek food.


In efforts to better our training and hopefully alleviate some of the stress of being on the road in so many foreign countries, we’ve decided to skip XTERRA Switzerland and head straight to XTERRA France. Let the adventure continue!




Training Camp in Portugal

In preparation for the XTERRA West Championship on Sunday April 10th and the XTERRA South Central Champs on the 17th, my Timex teammate Toby Radcliffe and I hopped on a plane to Lagos, Portugal for some warm weather training. Toby was preparing for Ironman South Africa on the 9th of April, so it worked well for both of us to get used to sweating a bit. For 10 days we hammered out solid swim, bike, and run sessions each tailored to our specific upcoming event(s).

Portugal was an interesting place. Its a pretty small country and it felt as if there really wasn’t much going on there. We have plenty of quiet country roads to ride on and the running trails along the cliffsides weren’t very crowded. One of the things that contributed to all this was the fact that it was off season for the tourists. Lagos is a hotspot for British tourists in the summer time.

If you have ever done a training camp, you know there are 3 things that consume your day – Training (duh), Sleeping (double duh), and a MASSIVE amount of Eating. We nailed the first one. Got plenty of the second. And for the third… well, if you add it all up, we EACH consumed over 50,000 calories during our 10 stint. That’s over 100,000 calories between the two of us! Wowsers! I don’t think Jenny Craig would approve. But when it was all said and done, I weighed exactly the same as I did going into the camp.

Because neither Toby or I spoke Portuguese there really wasn’t much to watch on TV. So we fired up the laptop and watch a ton of Cougar Town and Glee. I have to say, I had seen little to none of either prior to that trip, but I am now a big fan of both!

So if you are ever looking for a far away place, somewhat isolated, and not much going on, I recommend trying Portugal for your next training camp. And make sure to try the little custard cakes. They are delicious! I think I ate a few dozen of them while we were there.



Mr May

I just found out that I am the picture for the month of May in the new Inside Triathlon 2011 calendar. That is so cool!

After going for a  run with Shelby and Bella, I saw the Facebook post from my teammate Cassie Maximenko, saying that I was in the new calendar. We spent a good portion of the afternoon running aound town trying to find one. Unfortunelty we came home empty handed.

All that we were able to find was this link, http://bit.ly/hMTvwR,  which if you look at the 5th picture (hence why I am Mr May) you will see me in my Timex race kit. It was a great shot of me taken by Nils Nilsen at the XTERRA West Championship in Las Vegas.