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2013 Check List


I got all the items on my 2013 checklist marked off. Did you?





Go for some amazing mountain trail runs in the Colorado Rockies…check.







Accept the fact that I have enormous hands…check.








Get support from a company that I love and truly believe in…check.







Complete my collection of Ouachita Challenge wrist bands…check







Completely fill the freezer at home with all the fish from our family fishing trips…check.







Race with lucky #13 and get my ass handed to me…check.







Get mistaken for a fat cross dressing clown…on multiple occasions…check.







Do free remodeling for fellow Boulderites after the 500 year flood caused feces to spray out of their toilet like a fountain…check.







Put on a kids triathlon clinic with Boulder Tri Club and spend just as much time laughing as mentoring…check.







Crash so hard, I get the wind knocked out of me and even the Caveman goes “Damn!”…check.







Be a goofball as often as possible…check.








Finish on the podium again at my favorite XTERRA in the USA (Richmond, VA)…check.








Go for an 8 hour float trip in Montana and repeatedly tell the story about the big one that got away…check.







Get artsy with an iPhone…check.








Train with the best…check.








Be an Arkansas Princess…check.








Celebrate my birthday in Mexico for the 3rd year in a row…check.







Run, run, run in some amazing shoes…check.








Do a Lemond style start to my first 12 hour mountain bike race…check.







Laugh at all the hilarious ways that Macey can sleep…check.







Drive through FEET of flood water in a 500 year flood…check.







Do an off-road super sprint triathlon and be right in the mix of it…check.







Train with more of the best…check.







Learn my lesson about proper recovery by riding 60 miles on Saturday on the mtb and then racing the same 60 miles on mtb the next day, only to build up a 4 minute lead and then lose it all during Sunday’s race…check.







Enjoy fresh made milk shakes at a small town diner after a solid day of training in Montana…check.







Make some $$$$ at a race…check!








Throw down on my favorite XTERRA course in the USA (in Richmond, VA)…check.







Eat an entire 3-layer red velvet birthday cake…by myself…check.








Go on a hut trip with the fam…check.







Finally have a good race at XTERRA Indian Peaks (2nd place overall)…check.








See my favorite artist for the 3rd time live in concert…check.







Visit some new places that you didn’t even know about before the trip…check.







Smile and have as much fun as possible while suffering like a dog…check.







Go fishing with my dad and Lil and not tip over in the canoe because Lil won’t hold still…check.







Run the Dirty 30 with my amazing girlfriend Jennifer…check.






Race a trithlon-switched-to-duathlon-because-of-flood-waters and be right in the front with the best…check.








Have a beer at a local dive bar and hope that we don’t get shot for being “city folk”…check.






Race so hard, I drool on myself while flying through Blood Rock and the other sweet trails in Birmingham, AL…check.








Laugh at the hilarious names that they named the caves after going on a 3 hour caving adventure…check.






Be reminded of the brotherly love I share with my little bro Travis…check.








Play announcer at a race…check.








End my race season early (but not my career), by getting hit by a truck while riding my bike…check. (I would have rather not checked that one off the list).









Some South of the Border Fun

What better way to spend your birthday than to head to Mexico for a race?! Last year I celebrated my 30th in the small town of Tapalpa and had so much fun, I went back for my 31st.

Not a bad place to spend a week

I could get used to this view

Out pre running on part of the bike course

Another pre run. Checking out the part of the run through town. Cool stuff!

Out pre riding the course with most of the pro field. That’s how we roll.

Hanging out in town square after checking out the run course

The race was a total blast and loaded with¬†excitement! There were some fast swimmers out there and I had the usual “Out of the water 4 minutes down from the leaders” swim. So there was a bit of moving up to do on the bike.

I’ve only had the feeling that I had as I jumped on the bike a few times, but I need to figure out how to have it all the time. LIGHT AS A FEATHER! I couldn’t believe how great my legs felt. I quickly started to move up to the leaders (I was given time splits by spectators).

As usual, I was pushing it all out on the most technical, dangerous, and hence most fun stuff. There were giant mud puddles everywhere from the rain the day before. 19 out of 20 of those I rode through no problem. That 1 that I didn’t was a little rough. I launched over the bars Superman style at full speed, tumbled down a hill, and the rolled around in pain for a minute or two. It hurt pretty bad, but after a few minutes of soft pedaling I was able to get back on it. I think it was the adrenaline.

Not knowing if I would be able to run, I pushed it into T2. I dropped one guy who had caught up to me, but I couldn’t shake the other guy. Turns out he was an Olympic mountain biker. Oh… that’s probably why I couldn’t drop him ūüėČ

Luckily for me, I was able to run (still thinking the adrenaline had a lot to do with it). I put enough time into my pursuers that when the adrenaline finally wore off on the second lap of the run, I could back it off a little bit and still hold my position.

I came flying down the stairs to the finish line to be treated to one of the most special finishes I’ve ever had. A banner with my name on it! How often does that happen?!?

I was stoked to have held onto 3rd despite one of, if not the, hardest crashes I have ever had in a race. Branden and Paco battled it out from the gun and only during the final lap of the run, was Paco able to edge out Branden. Wish I could have been up there with those guys, but it’ll have to wait til next year!