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Selling A Sweet Ride

If I was going to keep racing road triathlons, I would totally keep this bike. But since I’m a dirt lover and don’t plan to rock the skinny tires any more, I’m parting ways with this beauty of a bike. Below are the details and a bunch of pics. Give me a shout if you are interested or know someone who might be.


This 2012 Quintana Roo CD0.1 is an immaculate bike and is in perfect condition. If you want a highly adjustable, wickedly efficient, wind cutting time trial machine, look no further. This is a bike that Triathlete Magazine has called “the most innovative in the past decade from any brand.” The bike has seen less than 1,000 miles and has been perfectly cared for. It is size Large. It comes with a full Shimano 10 speed Dura-ace groupo. The bar end shifters are mounted on a PRO Missile full carbon aerobar setup. The elbow pads are adjustable and come with replacement pads along with adjustment kit. The saddle is an ISM Time Trial. The wheels are Shimano’s Dura-ace C50 clinchers. It comes with 2 brand new Challenge triathlon specific tires and one slightly used tire (<1,000 miles). Valve extenders are included as well, though they are not needed if you purchase long valve tubes. Two travel wheel bags are also included. Does not come with pedals. This bike is in perfect condition. It has been very well maintained and cared for. I am asking $3000.










The Adrenalin Project

The Adrenalin ProjectFor 2013, I have joined a new team – The Adrenalin Project. I’m really pumped about this team because the philosophy of the team is exactly the same as my personal one – “Adventure may hurt, but monotony will kill you.”  The team is all about creating compelling, cool, authentic results for our sponsors through entertaining adventures. Real world content for social media, photos, magazines, catalogs, and more. We are extreme off-road athletes competing and training at a high level. Our goal is to motivate and inspire people of all walks of life to get out and make adventures!

We will be utilizing all social media platforms to promote the project and our partners. Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook. We want to bring a fresh approach to these endurance sports and an even more creative way to chronicle our adventures, athletes, partners, and sponsors.




On To The Next Season

The 2012 season officially ended for me at the Rev3 Florida Half Rev in October. I didn’t have the race that I was hoping for (for the same reason Kenny was late to class), but that didn’t upset me at all. I was done and got to spend the next 2 weeks gorging on all the foods that I refrained from eating the past 11 months. To list a few:

  • $14 worth of Taco Bell. That stuff’s cheap, so that actually amounts to a lot
  • An entire package of Oreo’s (several times)
  • Those disgusting Tontino’s pizzas. Stick them in the oven, they’re crispy. In the microwave and you’ve got a calzone
  • An entire box of ice cream. Red Velvet flavor should be illegal it’s so good!
  • Corndogs, corndogs, and more corndogs

But now I’m back at it and looking towards the 2013 season. It’s funny how 2 weeks off can fully recharge the motivation batteries.

2013 is gonna have more endurance mountain bike races for me. If you have any good suggestions on venues, let me know!

For the time being, getting back into training, buying a home, searching for sponsorships, and trying to drop the 5lbs that I gained in my 2 weeks off are keeping me pretty busy! Back to the [super fun] grind!



USA Champs Post Race Interviews

After the XTERRA USA Championship, I caught up with the winners Josiah Middaugh and Lesley Paterson, along with several other top pros and chatted with them about the day. Huge thanks to my Timex teammate Dave Erickson for letting me play interviewer for his site SwimBikeRunVideos.com



Rev3 Quassy – What a Show!

Not much to recap as far as my race went. I had a rough swim and unfortunately my hips completely cramped up on me on the bike. I was unable to finish the race and had to mark down a painful 7th DNF in my triathlon career. One thing that did have me smiling though, was my fitness. I was very pleased how things were going on the bike before the issues started. That kept me excited with the XTERRA East Champs in Richmond, VA one week away.

The thing that is note worthy of this race is the organization – Rev3. Wow! I cannot say enough good things about this race and the impressive organization behind it. These guys put on the type of show that I love to see in the world of triathlon. There was something for everyone! As pros, we were treated like rock stars. And it was almost the same for the age groupers! For example – as the athletes approached the finish line, they ran over a timing mat that instantly gave their name to the announcer and popped a picture of them up onto the big screen over the venue. Immediately everyone knew who was coming down the finish shoot, even before they were there! Wow!

They produced a fantastic video about the pro race. I’m hoping to make it into the video for Rev3 Portland next month.