Scott BicyclesScott Bikes – Whether it’s my Spark 900 SL mountain bike or my Solace 20 road bike, I know that I’m on the best rides out their because Scott’s philosophy of INNOVATION – TECHNOLOGY – DESIGN are the essence behind all their products and the vision of their engineers and designers .

Altra_246x70Altra Running – Finally a shoe shaped like a human foot! And no more running around in high heals disguised as a running shoe. With a foot-shaped toe box and zero drop, I can’t think of a better shoe on the market. Altra now has a full line of off-road and on-road shoes and all in sharp colors and gender specific models.

Rudy Project – They design and manufacture hi-tech sunglasses, helmets and accessories. Using advanced materials and computer technology, they create functional, aesthetically superior, and technologically advanced gear. They have a style all their own and strive to help every athlete find a product that’s just the right fit.

breeze-barsBreeze Bars – Made with whole, natural ingredients and a complimentary blend of carbs, fat, and protein, Breeze Bars are the perfect source for quick and sustainable energy. I have eaten a lot of bars in my day and these are by far the best tasting, light but filling, and most natural bars I’ve had the pleasure of devouring.

Will-Kelsay-BannerHoly Crap – Their breakfast cereals are gluten-free, vegan, and certified organic. They are packed full of super foods that are high in fiber to help keep your energy levels regulated, and your system running regular all around. Whether you mix it in a smoothie or with your yogurt you’ll love the taste and all it’s nutritional benefits.


swiftwick-logoSwiftwick – Their socks are the best of the best. From compression, to sport, to casual they put the time and energy into creating the perfect environment for your feet. It’s amazing how they have that new sock feel use after use after use.


Peak Performance Acupuncture – Their philosophy is to create a cycle of healing in which you are provided the knowledge and tools to take control of your health by demystifying the triggers of your ailments and teach you how to recognize, self-treat, and prevent those conditions from recurring.

Web RhetoricWeb Rhetoric – Web Rhetoric designed and developed this site to be one of the very best in the triathlon industry. Check them out to learn how they can develop a unique web presence for you.

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