This Should Be Fun…

Dirty Dozen 12hr MTB RaceI’ve raced for 7 days on my mountain bike. I’ve ridden in so much mud that the only “not brown” part of my body was the whites of my eyes. I’ve sat in the saddle for 9.5 hours straight as I pedaled 111 miles, but I’ve never raced a 12hour mountain bike race before. Well, on February 2nd, in Warda, TX I’ll have that opportunity. I just signed up for the Dirty Dozen 12hr Mountain Bike Race. I’ll be riding solo because that seems like a fun idea 😉

Dirty Dozen 12hr MTB RaceI’ve been checking out the videos online (see Featured Video on the homepage) and reading blogs about it and it sounds like it’s gonna be cold, wet, muddy, tight fast curvy single track, and one hell of a good time!

It’s exciting to do a type of race that I’ve never done before because I have to figure out all the small stuff to get it right. What should I wear? Change of clothes? Mechanicals? How/when to clean the bike? Lube? What to eat? When to eat? These are all things I get to try and figure out in the next month and I’m sure I’ll figure out a few more come race day. That’s all part of the adventure!


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