Bit of a Scare

Monday morning started out quite interesting for me. I hopped in the Van-borgini to head out to LifeSport Chiropractic, only to find when I arrived that I was the third appointment of Dr. Lisa’s day that she had missed. That wasn’t like her at all. Erica, the girl at the front desk, and I started getting a bit nervous because we knew she took a trip out to Fruita to do some back country speed hiking. I started posting on Twitter and messaging on Facebook to see if anybody knew anything. Nothing…

Since my dad is a member in Search & Rescue, I figured he’d have some advice on the situation. A quick call to him, had me dialing the number for the Mesa Country Sheriff’s department. The woman at dispatch searched through the names and found that 2 people that had been picked up Sunday night. It was Lisa and her friend Chris.

It turns out that they were fine on the way in on Saturday and Saturday night, but on the way out on Sunday they fell in a river while crossing it and their maps and GPS watches were destroyed. If Lisa had been wearing a Timex GPS (not some brand that rhymes with Flarmin) that wouldn’t have been a problem, but since she wasn’t, she and Chris were stuck in back country without any type of guidance. To top it off, they were now wet and freezing. I’m still trying to figure out exactly who called S&R that day, but somebody got the word out that they were missing right away and by 11:30pm Sunday evening, they were rescued.

They are both safe and sound now, but like I said, we had a bit of a scare Monday morning.


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  1. Will says:

    Just saw on Facebook that Lisa posted this about her weekend.

    “Thanks all for your worries…I am safe and sound. Back in Boulder late last night after being picked up by Mesa Search and Rescue monday morning and was without injury (except pride and a case of the shakes). Our 36 mile trip ended badly with an ascent that was not in our guide book that was impossible with packs and a dog. After turning around in the dark to redo the 26+ miles of loop, I fell in a stream crossing and was unable to get out (thanks to chris for pulling me out) lost my gloves, got wet to the bone in my 3 layers of down and smartwool, ruined the maps, all my dry clothes and my sleeping bag. Chris subsequently fell in doing the same and our second set of maps was ruined. Our Garmin died even on brand new batteries we brought. It was a recipe for disaster. We decided to follow the river out and came to a spot that we realized we had no idea which way was out. The water was not moving and we thought we were off the map. We hiked up to a hill, stripped out of our wet clothes, pushed the button on our Spot and climbed into our wet sleeping bags to await help shaking all night long. I pulled chris’s dog into my bag which kept our shivers to a mild mimimum. There was frost on the thermometer, it was 20 degrees with a huge humidity factor. The rescue guys from Mesa Search and Rescue came to the aid (all 12 of them). Built us a fire and thawed out our shoe that were frozen solid with our socks in them. They then hiked us out downstream (said the up was too difficult), and boated us out. Safe and sound with a bruised ego (and arms and legs). Haha. Not doing that again.”

  2. Thanks for the sweet blog post Will!! My friend was lucky enough to bring a SPOT and we had followed a trail map that had us going up a climb that was not doable with packs and a dog! Our garmin had several sets of batteries but it must have been so cold that it ran out quickly (or perhaps they were a bad batch of batteries). With that all said, waterproof bags for my gear are a definite and I need to do the most difficult part first just incase it…er…isn’t passable : ) Thanks again for caring, I am honored!!

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