Trigger Point Dry Needling at Alta Physical Therapy

Let me start off by saying IF YOU DO NOT LIKE NEEDLES, DO NOT WATCH THIS. This video shows first hand getting Trigger Point Dry Needling done to my lower leg.

In late May, I strained my soleus in my left leg. I sort of let it heal for a couple of weeks, not really doing much to it or for it. Thinking that a little rest was enough, I attempted to race the XTERRA East Championship on it. That was a mistake! I not only strained it worse than the first time, I wasn’t even able to finish the race. Wow that felt like a waste of a trip!

Now I was really in deep do do. This was my first major injury since turning pro in 2005, and the mental side of the injury was a real battle! Watching all my friends race and train in full swing was brutal. I hadn’t had to deal with something like this before, and I was having to learn how to cope with it. It really helped to toughen me up and teach me a few things about myself.

I saw Erin Dunham and Scott Swan on a weekly basis at Alta Physical Therapies. We did lots of manual therapy, ultrasound, and exercises to help strengthen the issues that caused the strained soleus in the first place. The final method of treatment that we used was Trigger Point Dry Needling. I had had a bit of experience with TDN previously, but it was only for recovery. This would be the first time I used it to help correct an injury. I had always described TDN as “an extreme discomfort” feeling previously. It wasn’t painful, just uncomfortable. That statement has been revoked when it comes to hitting an injury. I still wouldn’t call it “incredibily painful,” but rather “an extreme discomfort, with a bit of pain.”

So was it worth it? HELL YES! The very short amount of time of discomfort/pain was well worth the amazing effects of the needling. I was sore for the following day, but after that I was making leaps and bounds in my recovery. It really helped move me along at an accelerated rate. Wow what a difference! I have to highly recommend seeing the physical therapist at Alta for some TDN if you are looking to fix this type of injury asap! I can’t say enough good things about how well they have taken care of me and got me ready for my around the Earth trip.


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