Better the 2nd Time Around

After a rather dissapointing first race up in Winter Park, I was ready to have another go at it. The race this week was the Valley Point to Point. Excited for a bit less climbing, a bit more technical riding, and getting in a proper warm up, I was ready to rock! Bring on the mud!

I have come to realize that I really stink at starts right now, but I’m improving. The start of a mountain bike race involves going as hard as you possibly can, feeling like your lungs and legs are going to explode, then settling into a resonable pace and see where everyone is at. As usual, I popped off the back of the main pack almost instantly. No worries though because I had a plan!

Check out the file from my GPS Global Trainer and you will see that I started rather conservatively and then as I neared the end of the race, I really picked it up. I had been working on that with my coach a bit over the last few weeks and it really paid off. I kept thinking to myself “In the first 1/2 of the race, don’t be stupid. In the second 1/2 of the race, don’t be a wuss!” And it worked!

Just a few miles into the race I was around 20th or so, and as I crossed the line, I had worked my way up to 10th! I was stoked to have executed my plan nicely and rode like I knew I was capable of riding on the day. Noticing after the race that I was only 3:30 down from 3rd place, really got me fired up too! I wish I could make it back to more of these races and work my way up to the podium, but with my “Triple 6” races coming up, I’ll miss the rest of the Winter Park Series. I can’t wait to go back next year!


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