Gearing Up For A 50k Run in China

Curious about EXACTLY what gear I use for a 50k running race? Well here it is! This is the EXACT list of things I will be wearing/using during the North Face Endurance Challenge 50k in Beijing, China.

Watch – Timex GPS Global Trainer. After the craziness is said and done,  I want to share with you the course profile, my pace, my heart rate, and other fun data from the race. Out on course I’ll be able to see how far until the next aid station (they tell us the distance between) as well as how long the next climb is.

Clothing – Sugoi Turbo Singlet – Timex branded of course. And to hold in my thunder thighs – Sugoi Piston 200 shorts. The compression of the shorts will help lessen the fatigue on my legs over the 31 mile race. And for the footsies, I have a pair of Timex branded Wigwam socks.

Glasses – Rudy Project Ability. These things are light weight, don’t slip around on your face, and give amazing coverage without any blind spots.

Anti Chafe – SBR TriSlide to keep my thighs from rubbing together and starting a forest fire.

Hydration – The Nathan Quickdraw Plus for water and the Nathan Sprint for PowerBar Perform sports drink. I like to have a bit more water, so that I can pour it on my head as I run. I can easily refill both at each aid station. The Quickdraw also has a little pocket where I can bring an emergency PowerBar Gel. Eating is key during a race that is as long as this one!

Shoes – Saucony Peregrine. With only a 4mm heal to toe drop, these trails shoes feel very “minimalistic.” There are no rock plates, torsion control, air/gel cushioning, just a few millimeters of higher density foam. They are thick enough to protect from those sharp, pointy, bone bruising rocks, yet still pliable enough to allow for me to feel the ground below me. The upper is durable, yet unrestrictive.

Camera – Go Pro camera with chest strap to capture the excitement along the way.


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  1. lloyd villanueva says:

    im lloyd villanueva from davao city philippines i wnat to buy the timex Sugoi Turbo Singlet where cam i buy that singlet… plz suggest mi..

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