Feelin The Flow, Ridin The Bull… I Mean Bike

Like most professional triathletes and cyclists, I spend exorbitant amounts of time on the bike. With copious hours spent building calluses on my gluteus maximus, you can really feel when something is even the slightest bit out of whack anywhere on the bike. A few degrees off here, slightly misaligned over there and after 4 hours in the saddle its a pretty big deal. To get my gear dialed in, I usually just make minor adjustments until everything feels pretty good. But since I have Alta as a sponsor now, I thought I’d stop in to see Mike Kohm and have him do a quick bike fit to help put the finishing touches on my position and boy did it make a big difference!

We started out by using a laser to check the overall alignment of my bike. We discovered that after I had cleaned my bike earlier that week, I had misaligned several key things. The handlebars/stem and saddle were slightly off. If you looked at them without the laser they didn’t look too bad, but with the laser it was pretty obvious what was going on. Then Mike used the laser to check a few more things…

After playing with the laser for a while, we adjusted the cleats. These were new pedals/cleats and shoes that I was trying out, so there was a bit to work on. It was quite a process, but in the end everything feels great! Originally I was getting some slight numbness on the outside of my right foot prior to Mike’s adjustments, but afterwards it was totally gone! I was also getting a slight bit of pain in my left knee after about 2 hours or so in the saddle. The day after Mike’s tweeks to my cleats, I rode for nearly 3 hours completely pain free.

The final modification of the day was the hoods on the handle bars. Turns out that the right one was slihgtly lower than the left one. By leveling them out, it helped to releive some of the work that my back has to do to keep me straight and even in the cockpit. We also rotated the bars back just a little and WOW! Just a few degrees difference and I could feel it big time!

There were several other things that Mike checked (seat height, back angle, etc), but I had got those almost spot on myself, so we didn’t have to adjust them. I couldn’t believe that in less than 2 hours we made just a few minor adjustments that now make each and every ride so much more enjoyable! I thought things felt good before, but now…


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