Bama Race Report

The XTERRA Southeast Championship in Birmingham, AL is definitely one of my favs on the XTERRA circuit. Our homestay Jerry is total hoot and the race venue is absolutely beautiful. All and all its a great race.

That’s Jerry on the left

On to the race. My overall feel of the race was a bit of frustration. I have just been so far behind everyone out of the water, I am unable to compete with the top guys.

I had a decent swim (for me) sitting on Shonny Vanlandingham’s feet almost the entire time. Danelle Kabush was on my feet to complete our nice little train. I tucked my uniform top into my shorts to give myself a nice muffin top look in the swim.

As usual I had to work my way through a load of age groupers on the bike. It slowed me up a little bit, but the big kicker was the fact that I rode about 2/3 of the bike completely by myself. After passing most of the top age groupers and pro women in the beginning single track, I did the climb and the rest of the course alone. It was really hard to push myself when there is no one around. I was psyched though to see that the photographers got some good shots of me on Blood Rock.

The run was similar to the bike in the fact that I hardly saw anyone. I cruised in to a 9th place finish, which has been my best placing so far this year. I was excited because that now ranks me 10th in the Pro Points Series. Now I have to work my butt off to keep that.


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