Food Food Food

On one of our days or travel we decided to photograph everything I ate. It ended up be a bit more that I would have thought.

Pizza for breakfast
Soup and a roll for lunch. Carrot cake for dessert

Chocolate for a mid day snack

Eggs, hash browns, and baked beans for second breakfast

Yogurt for a snack

Then Mexican for dinner

That pepper in my beer gave it a bit of a kick

And just for fun (on another night) we went to Ferdburger and scarfed down some MASSIVE burgers and onion rings. Yummy!


2 responses to “Food Food Food”

  1. This is me and my blog... says:

    I’m sure you’ve missed some meals out… 😉

  2. KP says:

    Ferdburger is AMAZING! Hope you’re enjoying Queenstown, that was my favorite place!

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