Farm Fun For New Years

Celebrating New Years this time around was a bit different. No heading to the bars or to a house party, but rather to the hills. After a kick ass ride/run brick that left me sitting on the floor mumbling at Nic and Cabins place in Palmee North, I cleaned up and we drove to Nic’s parents farm.

The new puppies were so little! They were born on Christmas Day and their eyes still weren’t open. It was hilarious to see them trying to learn to stand and walk.

I was so excited to play with them! Totally wish I could have brought one home. I’m sure tiny little puppys are okay for carry on…?

Chance wanted to ride along with us on the 4 wheeler. Hard to say no to that face. Later on, Cabin and I took it upon ourselves to control the pine cone population using our legendary sharp shooter skills. We lined several of them up along the top of nearby fence posts and attempted to pick them off with 22’s. Needless to say, I think we gave them a good scare…. not that we hit many, but we sure got close! haha To bad close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. Guess, we need some more practice.

On our way out to a back section of the farm we took “the short cut.” To call it steep would be a bit of an understatement. At one point, with Nic and I on the back and Cabin driving, we almost looped it! As the front end started to come up, all three of us jumped forward throwing our weight to the front. With Cabin nearly kissing the front bumper, we crested the top, narrowly averting disaster.

Booty grinding in the kitchen. Classy.


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