Hanging out in Sydney

The start of my Sydney Adventure was a bit of a bumpy one. We didn’t get to the train station till about 7:45 for a 7:55 departure! A quite stop at the ticket booth for directions, sent Abi and I hauling ass across the station. We arrived with plenty of time to spare (I’m being sarcastic). As I loaded my bike on, they shut the door behind me while I was mid sentence saying good bye to Abi (Steven was with the car).

As usual though, it all turned out just fine. This was the overnight service from Melbourne to Sydney, so the passengers were few and far between. But just my luck, a big fat guy who farts, snores, and wheezes in his sleep sat just two seats in front of me. So I ate a bunch of really greasy stuff from the food car so that he wasn’t the only one making the other passengers constantly giggling and then covering their noses. Didn’t want him to feel singled out 🙂

Once I arrived in Sydney, I immediately stored my luggage and started walking around downtown. I unknowingly bumped into a tour bus driver and asked him for directions. He told me to climb aboard his bus (it wasn’t a magical one. Bummer) and the Sydney tour began.

Being a goof, as usual, while checking out the opera house from across the bay. When I get a chance I would love to see it up close.

There were about 5 of us who were traveling alone on this tour. We took turns taking each others pictures with our cameras so that not all of our pictures were from arms length away.

I stopped by my mate Russell Crowe’s house while I was out and about. We had a few beers, then took my boat out for a spin around the bay. Its so nice to be rich and famous.

I tried to get some sun when we stopped at Boundi Beach. Holy crap am I white! People kept looking away because the glare of the sun off of my pasty white skin was nearly unbearable!

Me and my roo buddy just hanging out, throwing some game at the girls walking by on the wharf. He’s the strong silent type.

Now where did I leave my battleship??? Oh yeah! Behind my submarine! Silly me!


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