Bringing about a big change

So I’ve decided it is time for a big change. My training and racing are not going how I would like, so no better time than the present to fix that. I have turned in my “two weeks” at the city rec centers, and will have my last shift on July 31st. I will continue to work at Skirt Sports ( and coaching high school cross country and track, but I will definitely be working less.

The plan is to work less and train more. For a long time now, I have just been getting by making ends meat, and struggling to get the training in that I want. Well, I’ve decided to continue to keep struggling to get by, but get in the training I want. To accomplish this, I will be moving out of my apartment (no rent = less work) and into my mini van. I will work as little as possible, so that I will be able to train as much as possible.

I’m sure it will be tough, but I’m tired of giving it a half ass’d try at triathlon. I want to pursue all the aspects of training that I see necessary to race at an elite level. I am focused and very excited about the months and years to come.

I’ll always be looking for a place to make dinner (I’ll cook and clean for you) for an evening, and a couch to crash on when I venture from Boulder, but I’m not worried. Things always work out and I’m sure this time will be no different. I know what I want and I’m going for it.


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