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Helping The Sport Grow & Prosper

When the change you desire is not happening around you, the best way to make it happen is to create it yourself. For over 10 years I have been racing professionally as an off-road triathlete. I’ve seen many changes in the sport as well as a lack there of. I still have a few years left in my pro career (I’m hoping about 6 or 7 more), and the time has come to help the sport reach what I feel is it’s true potential. The best way I could see to make this happen is this…


DirtTRI Magazine


DirtTRI is an online publication, dedicated solely to off-road triathlon, that my business partner Jimmy and I plan to use to promote and grow the sport of off-road triathlon. We are seeking to increase participation numbers, partner to create and foster better trails, add more races in unique locations, increase prize money, help create more challenging as well as accommodating courses, improve media coverage, and anything else to help the sport of off-road triathlon become the best it can be.


DirtTRI Home Page Screen Shot


Through DirtTRI’s online content, off-road triathlon specific coaching, forthcoming team, and whatever else we come up with in the years to come, this will be our way to show the world how amazing the sport is and help transform it into the spectacular spectacle that we know it can be and that we want to be a part of. If you have any ideas or suggestions for us, we’d love to hear them. Feel free to shoot me an email at,, or via my personal contact page or the DirtTRI contact page.





2013 Check List


I got all the items on my 2013 checklist marked off. Did you?





Go for some amazing mountain trail runs in the Colorado Rockies…check.







Accept the fact that I have enormous hands…check.








Get support from a company that I love and truly believe in…check.







Complete my collection of Ouachita Challenge wrist bands…check







Completely fill the freezer at home with all the fish from our family fishing trips…check.







Race with lucky #13 and get my ass handed to me…check.







Get mistaken for a fat cross dressing clown…on multiple occasions…check.







Do free remodeling for fellow Boulderites after the 500 year flood caused feces to spray out of their toilet like a fountain…check.







Put on a kids triathlon clinic with Boulder Tri Club and spend just as much time laughing as mentoring…check.







Crash so hard, I get the wind knocked out of me and even the Caveman goes “Damn!”…check.







Be a goofball as often as possible…check.








Finish on the podium again at my favorite XTERRA in the USA (Richmond, VA)…check.








Go for an 8 hour float trip in Montana and repeatedly tell the story about the big one that got away…check.







Get artsy with an iPhone…check.








Train with the best…check.








Be an Arkansas Princess…check.








Celebrate my birthday in Mexico for the 3rd year in a row…check.







Run, run, run in some amazing shoes…check.








Do a Lemond style start to my first 12 hour mountain bike race…check.







Laugh at all the hilarious ways that Macey can sleep…check.







Drive through FEET of flood water in a 500 year flood…check.







Do an off-road super sprint triathlon and be right in the mix of it…check.







Train with more of the best…check.







Learn my lesson about proper recovery by riding 60 miles on Saturday on the mtb and then racing the same 60 miles on mtb the next day, only to build up a 4 minute lead and then lose it all during Sunday’s race…check.







Enjoy fresh made milk shakes at a small town diner after a solid day of training in Montana…check.







Make some $$$$ at a race…check!








Throw down on my favorite XTERRA course in the USA (in Richmond, VA)…check.







Eat an entire 3-layer red velvet birthday cake…by myself…check.








Go on a hut trip with the fam…check.







Finally have a good race at XTERRA Indian Peaks (2nd place overall)…check.








See my favorite artist for the 3rd time live in concert…check.







Visit some new places that you didn’t even know about before the trip…check.







Smile and have as much fun as possible while suffering like a dog…check.







Go fishing with my dad and Lil and not tip over in the canoe because Lil won’t hold still…check.







Run the Dirty 30 with my amazing girlfriend Jennifer…check.






Race a trithlon-switched-to-duathlon-because-of-flood-waters and be right in the front with the best…check.








Have a beer at a local dive bar and hope that we don’t get shot for being “city folk”…check.






Race so hard, I drool on myself while flying through Blood Rock and the other sweet trails in Birmingham, AL…check.








Laugh at the hilarious names that they named the caves after going on a 3 hour caving adventure…check.






Be reminded of the brotherly love I share with my little bro Travis…check.








Play announcer at a race…check.








End my race season early (but not my career), by getting hit by a truck while riding my bike…check. (I would have rather not checked that one off the list).









Selling A Sweet Ride

If I was going to keep racing road triathlons, I would totally keep this bike. But since I’m a dirt lover and don’t plan to rock the skinny tires any more, I’m parting ways with this beauty of a bike. Below are the details and a bunch of pics. Give me a shout if you are interested or know someone who might be.


This 2012 Quintana Roo CD0.1 is an immaculate bike and is in perfect condition. If you want a highly adjustable, wickedly efficient, wind cutting time trial machine, look no further. This is a bike that Triathlete Magazine has called “the most innovative in the past decade from any brand.” The bike has seen less than 1,000 miles and has been perfectly cared for. It is size Large. It comes with a full Shimano 10 speed Dura-ace groupo. The bar end shifters are mounted on a PRO Missile full carbon aerobar setup. The elbow pads are adjustable and come with replacement pads along with adjustment kit. The saddle is an ISM Time Trial. The wheels are Shimano’s Dura-ace C50 clinchers. It comes with 2 brand new Challenge triathlon specific tires and one slightly used tire (<1,000 miles). Valve extenders are included as well, though they are not needed if you purchase long valve tubes. Two travel wheel bags are also included. Does not come with pedals. This bike is in perfect condition. It has been very well maintained and cared for. I am asking $3000.










Ouachita Challenge Weekend

Two weekends ago was a whirlwind of amazing experiences, challenging rides, pleasant surprises, and minor disappointments. So much happened, but I’ll stick to the highlights and try to tell as much of the story with pictures.


It all took place just outside Hot Springs, Arkansas.

TheOuachita Challenge Course Map Ouachita Challenge. The 1st day was a 60 mile mountain bike tour. The 2nd day was a race on the same kick ass trails. The plan was to ride easy and have a chill day with the guys from for the tour on Saturday. Then throw down at Sunday’s race.




Adam, Craig, and I ready for a long fun day in the saddle.


I wanted to make sure everyone knew who I was.


The Blues Brothers showing us the way. I had that song “Soul Man” stuck in my head for the next 2 hours.

All smile at aid station #2

All smiles at aid station #2


Water crossing number… 6?7?8? of 20?21?

Just over 7 hours later, the 2 wheeled fun had come to and end for day 1. Made a bunch of new friends, rode some sweet trails, and set a new personal record for number of pickles consumed in one ride. A great raffle and pasta dinner kept us busy before we laid down to rest for another night of sleep in the school gymnasium. Holy cow, mountain bikers can snore loud!


Ouachita Challenge

The race began with a neutral start (we roll out together, but don’t actually start racing until a few miles in), which was nice for me because the body was a little sore from the day before. Just before we had our first water crossing, it was go time. The lead vehicle pulled out of the way and the pace picked up.

As I have said in previous blogs, I know I’m not the strongest rider on straight, flat dirt roads. So for 3 miles or so, I sat in the pack and hung on. But once we turned off the road and onto the single track, I was pleasantly surprised. I slightly eased off the pace that we had going on the road (when I say eased off the pace, I mean we went from REALLY F*#KING HARD, to slightly less F*#KING HARD), but becuase of the rocks, roots, twists, and turns, that pace was somehow to fast for the rest of the riders I was with. I quickly moved up to 3rd and was bearing down on the 2 in front of me.

 Leading the Ouachita ChallengeBy the half way point, I had nearly a 4 minute lead over the rest of the field. I felt fantastic and if you had asked me if I could hold that effort and win the race I would have shouted back a big “HELL YES!” with a big smile on my face. I had followed my nutrition plan (Powerbar Gel’s and Perform sports drink) to the T, but around mile 40 all of that changed in the blink of an eye. As if someone had flipped a switch, the wheels completely feel off. In just a matter of minutes I went from king of the world, to drooling dunce. I struggled to the final aid station, and proceeded to down a couple of cokes and an entire package of cookies in about 5 minutes. With a woozie head, I hopped back on the bike, pushed when I could, and came across the line in 10th place in a time of 5:01:44.

Holding on for 10thWhy did that fantastic bonk happen? How could I hit the wall so hard? (And mind you, I see the following reason as a lesson learned the hard way, not an excuse). Well, as tough as I think I am, there is a limit to what my body can handle. 7 hours in the saddle the day before really drained my body of it’s precious fat stores and by not replenishing those properly after the race, when I emptied the tank on Sunday, IT WAS EMPTY! Nothing left to fall back on.

At the end of the day, I would actually say that I was very, very happy with my race. Why? Becuase like my coach says all the time “You can’t fake good.” Had I not ridden the day before, or actually eaten like I should have, the pace that I had early in the race would have continued and I would have picked up the W. You can’t fake that type of fitness. That has me quite excited for my next few mountain bike races coming up.


Helping out with a little post ride announcing.


Huge HUGE thanks to Craig Roberson for setting all of this up for me. Adam and Kurt for transportation to and from the race and giving me a bed before and after the race. It’s trips like this that remind me that I’m doing what I love and that there is so much fun to be had out there.



On To The Next Season

The 2012 season officially ended for me at the Rev3 Florida Half Rev in October. I didn’t have the race that I was hoping for (for the same reason Kenny was late to class), but that didn’t upset me at all. I was done and got to spend the next 2 weeks gorging on all the foods that I refrained from eating the past 11 months. To list a few:

  • $14 worth of Taco Bell. That stuff’s cheap, so that actually amounts to a lot
  • An entire package of Oreo’s (several times)
  • Those disgusting Tontino’s pizzas. Stick them in the oven, they’re crispy. In the microwave and you’ve got a calzone
  • An entire box of ice cream. Red Velvet flavor should be illegal it’s so good!
  • Corndogs, corndogs, and more corndogs

But now I’m back at it and looking towards the 2013 season. It’s funny how 2 weeks off can fully recharge the motivation batteries.

2013 is gonna have more endurance mountain bike races for me. If you have any good suggestions on venues, let me know!

For the time being, getting back into training, buying a home, searching for sponsorships, and trying to drop the 5lbs that I gained in my 2 weeks off are keeping me pretty busy! Back to the [super fun] grind!