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2013 Check List


I got all the items on my 2013 checklist marked off. Did you?





Go for some amazing mountain trail runs in the Colorado Rockies…check.







Accept the fact that I have enormous hands…check.








Get support from a company that I love and truly believe in…check.







Complete my collection of Ouachita Challenge wrist bands…check







Completely fill the freezer at home with all the fish from our family fishing trips…check.







Race with lucky #13 and get my ass handed to me…check.







Get mistaken for a fat cross dressing clown…on multiple occasions…check.







Do free remodeling for fellow Boulderites after the 500 year flood caused feces to spray out of their toilet like a fountain…check.







Put on a kids triathlon clinic with Boulder Tri Club and spend just as much time laughing as mentoring…check.







Crash so hard, I get the wind knocked out of me and even the Caveman goes “Damn!”…check.







Be a goofball as often as possible…check.








Finish on the podium again at my favorite XTERRA in the USA (Richmond, VA)…check.








Go for an 8 hour float trip in Montana and repeatedly tell the story about the big one that got away…check.







Get artsy with an iPhone…check.








Train with the best…check.








Be an Arkansas Princess…check.








Celebrate my birthday in Mexico for the 3rd year in a row…check.







Run, run, run in some amazing shoes…check.








Do a Lemond style start to my first 12 hour mountain bike race…check.







Laugh at all the hilarious ways that Macey can sleep…check.







Drive through FEET of flood water in a 500 year flood…check.







Do an off-road super sprint triathlon and be right in the mix of it…check.







Train with more of the best…check.







Learn my lesson about proper recovery by riding 60 miles on Saturday on the mtb and then racing the same 60 miles on mtb the next day, only to build up a 4 minute lead and then lose it all during Sunday’s race…check.







Enjoy fresh made milk shakes at a small town diner after a solid day of training in Montana…check.







Make some $$$$ at a race…check!








Throw down on my favorite XTERRA course in the USA (in Richmond, VA)…check.







Eat an entire 3-layer red velvet birthday cake…by myself…check.








Go on a hut trip with the fam…check.







Finally have a good race at XTERRA Indian Peaks (2nd place overall)…check.








See my favorite artist for the 3rd time live in concert…check.







Visit some new places that you didn’t even know about before the trip…check.







Smile and have as much fun as possible while suffering like a dog…check.







Go fishing with my dad and Lil and not tip over in the canoe because Lil won’t hold still…check.







Run the Dirty 30 with my amazing girlfriend Jennifer…check.






Race a trithlon-switched-to-duathlon-because-of-flood-waters and be right in the front with the best…check.








Have a beer at a local dive bar and hope that we don’t get shot for being “city folk”…check.






Race so hard, I drool on myself while flying through Blood Rock and the other sweet trails in Birmingham, AL…check.








Laugh at the hilarious names that they named the caves after going on a 3 hour caving adventure…check.






Be reminded of the brotherly love I share with my little bro Travis…check.








Play announcer at a race…check.








End my race season early (but not my career), by getting hit by a truck while riding my bike…check. (I would have rather not checked that one off the list).









Early Ending to 2013 Season

I wanted to thank everyone for their support and kind words. Just in case you didn’t know, I was in a cycling accident involving a truck that has caused me to end my 2013 race season early. I am healing up and am very much looking forward to getting back to training and racing next year.



New House & A 5k

It’s been an busy month. The biggest news is that Jennifer and I bought a house! Holy cow! I am a home owner. Wow.

With move number 20 (yes that’s right, 20x I’ve moved in Boulder), I’m very excited to not be moving for a long time. So with a solid place to be for a while, I decided to sell all of my old mismatched stuff on Craigslist. It’s been keeping me busy and I do feel a bit like an episode of Hoarders at the moment.

It hasn’t been the most exciting month for blogging with lots of moving, lots of base training, and lots of cleaning around the house (I know you’re jealous). I did do a local 5k just for fun last weekend and the results were as expected for the off season. There was a little prize money on the line, but if there is $$$ in a race around Boulder, you can bet that there will be some fast guys to scoop it up. I toed the line hoping to get at least third (and pick up $50), but when I looked at the calves of other runners next to me and saw the Olympic rings tattooed on, my anticipated result seemed a bit ambitious.

Gotta run. Need to keep posting stuff to Craigslist and try to clear out this basement so I can start remodeling.



It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than That…

If I don’t ride my mountain bike often enough during the winter, I sometimes forget this…

38 minutes to the top of the climb. This is a 1 hour ride, so I’m gonna have to rip it to get back! Just as the song changes, the gears change. Pop it up to the big blade, click the remote lockout to set the fork to active, and zip up the jersey. Let’s do this! Stand up and blast out 500 watts or so to set the rig into motion. Wonder if my tire pressure is right? Guess I’ll find out. Hit the little kicker just to the side of the trail and catch a little bit of air. Immediately stand back up out of the saddle and hammer into the first 180 degree turn. Back tire slides a little, but holds as another 500 or so watts are slammed into the peddles. Time to really rip up this descent!

Heart starts really pumping with a tight right, quick left, hop off a little riser, and another sharp right. Music thumping in the ears, the bike flows over and around the jagged rocks cemented into the dry Colorado dirt. Thread the needle, thread the needle, thread the needle. The tiniest error would result in a busted peddle or god forbid, scratched rim, as the bike darts through the catawampus pile of stones. In a smooth flowing rise from the saddle, the peddles continue to transfer power to the ground  as the trail becomes almost smooth looking with the unstoppable 29er wheels. Faster and faster the trees fly by. Closer and closer they get to the handle bars, but the thought of clipping one doesn’t even exist.

Another tight 180 degree turn. Hit the brakes just enough to slow down to a perfectly ludicrous cornering speed, while dropping through an off-camber washed out section. Release the front break and look 15 feet down the trail to the small drop into a rock garden and mishmash of roots. No need to think. The bike knows. The body knows. The reactions are so natural, the potentially wheel taco-ing obstacles pass in mere seconds as the eyes focus on the next challenge ahead. The heart thumps louder as the senses scream WOOHOO!

Advancing on another banked left turn, the left shoulder dips, the outside foot drops, and the gaze is on the exit of the corner. Both tires slide ever so slightly as another chain snapping acceleration is set into motion. Down into the saddle and time to flow. Right, left, right, left. The bike flicks side to side faster than the blink of an eye. Inches from stead fast trees, the bars continue to snap side to side as the peddle stroke is coordinated to just barely miss sharp rocks. Everything is flowing as one. Smooth and connected. Body, mind, bike, tires, terrain. It all flows together.

Now for the fun part! The horizon drops away to reveal a mine field of tire slicing, ear-to-ear smile-producing rocks, with multiple routes to descend through. No time to stop and pick the best line, momentum has the upper hand. Out of the saddle, weight shifted back over the rear tire, and fingers balanced above the break levers, the 29er relishes the gnarly landscape as it soaks up the bumps. Fear is running as fast as it can to catch up, but there it has no hope of it keeping pace. Exhilaration courses through the veins as the speed increases, the reactions become quicker, and the effort becomes… well… effortless. This is it. I am in my element.

Picking the line is so inherent that the focus goes to the song on the iPod, rather than the hazards ahead. Fitting as Born This Way by Lady Gaga lays down a base line that continues to keep the euphoric feelings coursing through the body. A smile stretches wide as the bike leaves the ground to float over the rubble. Touching down, the feet level back out to keep the crank arms parallel to the ground. Faster. Faster! FASTER! No brakes necessary. The scenery is but a blur as the sole focus of the eyes is on the trail ahead. Then the saddest part of the entire trail approaches… the end.

Dropping back into the saddle as the tires touch the pavement, one thought cements itself – That was why I do what I do. I A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y love the thrill that comes from the realization that passion led me down that hill.

Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow…



Team Timex Adopts a Highway

The Boulder crew of the Timex Multisport Team committed to adopting a 2 mile stretch of road for the next 2 years. As adopters, we are required to do multiple clean ups a year so today we did our first round! Although half of the ground was covered in snow, we were all amazed to see how much trash there was and how much more efficient we could be with several more people.

We managed to fill up twice as many bags as we thought and had a blast working together to give back to our amazing community. We plan on inviting more than just Timex team members next time so we can clean up double or triple the amount we did today! Great job team, it’s so great to be apart of such a fantastic group of people.