Inspired by Greatness

Most people are capable of some pretty amazing things. Occasionally, there are those who rise above the rest and do some absolutely incredible things. I’ve not only had the privilege to meet some of these amazing people, but become friends with them and be inspired by them first hand. If you want to see some videos or read a couple of books to get you inspired to do great things, check out these 3 rockstars.

When I lived in North Boulder, Eric Larsen just happened to be my next door neighbor. Eric is a modern day arctic explorer and all around winter bad ass. It was so cool to watch him prep for his expeditions out in front of the house, and then later see that expedition on television! The training that he and his expedition buddy’s hammer out is not only gnarly and brutal, but looked really darn fun!

Animal Planet recently aired a show about Eric, and his exploration partner Ryan Waters, completing what will realistically be the last full North Pole expedition in history. They filmed the entire journey themselves and worked with Animal Planet to produce a two-hour special. Here’s the intro:

I got my start in triathlon at the University of Colorado in Boulder and spent 5 years on the most decorated colligate triathlon team in the country – the CU Triathlon Team. During that time, I met and made, many amazing friends. One of them is the now world-renowned, ultra endurance bad ass mofo, Travis Macy. He’s not only one hell of an athlete, but a great guy and a writer to boot. His book, The Ultra Mindset, is next in line on my list to read (I’m currently reading a book by the next person I list in this blog). Travis was always a bit faster than me, so it’s really inspiring to see that he has made a full career out of being an athlete (similar to what I’m doing). It gives me confidence that following my heart will lead to great things.

The last person on my list is someone that I’ve read about, emailed with a bit, and just watched give a talk (not a close friend), but she is no less inspiring to me than the other two. Rebecca Rusch, was one of the worlds top adventure racers (I don’t say ‘female adventure racers’ because she was one of the best. Period). Rusch to GloryHer book Rusch to Glory came out late 2014 and has been on my must read list since. Once I finally got a copy and blazed through it, my head and my heart were overjoyed. There are many similarities to how she has lived her life and how I have tried to live mine. The ups, the downs, the sacrifices, and the once-in-a-lifetime experiences made for a quick read because I couldn’t put it down. I know not everyone can relate to her experiences in the way I have (like living out of your car… on purpose), but her can-do attitude and willingness to face her fears and not let them control her, is something that I hope everyone can relate too. Rebecca has now moved onto endurance mountain bike racing and is still kicking ass as she moves into her late 40’s. How cool is that!?!?

If you ever read this blog post Eric, Travis, and Rebecca, please please please do one thing for me – keep being you and living your life to your heart’s desire because it’s incredibly inspiring and you truly are making the world a better place.



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