Hitting the Reset Button

Emergency RoomI’ve been MIA from the professional racing scene since last August and that will be the case until 2016. I’ve been racing professionally for 10 years now and I need a bit of a break to refresh and reset both mentally and physically. This is in NO WAY RETIREMENT.

After being hit by that truck in August 2013, I pushed as hard as I could to get back to the start line. I was able to recover enough physically to be able to toe the line in 2014, but it became very apparent once I did, that I hadn’t recovered mentally. 2014 was the worst season I have had in my professional career and I quickly realized I needed to finish recovering before continuing on.

For 2015, I will step away from the pro circuit and just have a bit of fun. I’ll still race a little, but just to have a good time, with absolutely zero pressure to perform. I’m thinking costumes while racing will be a good way for me to not take things to serious. ┬áThe goal is to fully recovery both mentally and physically before returning in 2016.


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