Ouachita Challenge

Blowout MountainI’m so excited to have gotten into the 2013 Ouachita Challenge. It’s going to be an amazing weekend of fun on the mountain bike. On Saturday there is a mountain bike tour that winds it’s way through some sweet single track in the Ouachita National Forest outside of Little Rock, AR. It’s 60 miles of remembering why I love doing what I do.

Then on Sunday, April 7th, it’s time to throw down. We’ll ride the same trails that we rode the day before, but in reverse direction. The legs will be a little tired from the previous days ride, but that’s all part of the fun.

The race sold out in about 10 minutes this past weekend, so you know it’s a good one! I’m so pumped to be heading down there to ride and hang with Craig Roberson and the rest of the guys from the SweatBloodDirt.com crew! Let’s get ready for some fun!



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