On To The Next Season

The 2012 season officially ended for me at the Rev3 Florida Half Rev in October. I didn’t have the race that I was hoping for (for the same reasonĀ Kenny was late to class), but that didn’t upset me at all. I was done and got to spend the next 2 weeks gorging on all the foods that I refrained from eating the past 11 months. To list a few:

  • $14 worth of Taco Bell. That stuff’s cheap, so that actually amounts to a lot
  • An entire package of Oreo’s (several times)
  • Those disgusting Tontino’s pizzas. Stick them in the oven, they’re crispy. In the microwave and you’ve got a calzone
  • An entire box of ice cream. Red Velvet flavor should be illegal it’s so good!
  • Corndogs, corndogs, and more corndogs

But now I’m back at it and looking towards the 2013 season. It’s funny how 2 weeks off can fully recharge the motivation batteries.

2013 is gonna have more endurance mountain bike races for me. If you have any good suggestions on venues, let me know!

For the time being, getting back into training, buying a home, searching for sponsorships, and trying to drop the 5lbs that I gained in my 2 weeks off are keeping me pretty busy! Back to the [super fun] grind!