Rev3 Quassy – What a Show!

Not much to recap as far as my race went. I had a rough swim and unfortunately my hips completely cramped up on me on the bike. I was unable to finish the race and had to mark down a painful 7th DNF in my triathlon career. One thing that did have me smiling though, was my fitness. I was very pleased how things were going on the bike before the issues started. That kept me excited with the XTERRA East Champs in Richmond, VA one week away.

The thing that is note worthy of this race is the organization – Rev3. Wow! I cannot say enough good things about this race and the impressive organization behind it. These guys put on the type of show that I love to see in the world of triathlon. There was something for everyone! As pros, we were treated like rock stars. And it was almost the same for the age groupers! For example – as the athletes approached the finish line, they ran over a timing mat that instantly gave their name to the announcer and popped a picture of them up onto the big screen over the venue. Immediately everyone knew who was coming down the finish shoot, even before they were there! Wow!

They produced a fantastic video about the pro race. I’m hoping to make it into the video for Rev3 Portland next month.


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