Interview with Endurance Hour

This past week I did a podcast interview with the guys over at Endurance Hour. Dave Erickson and Roger Thompson chatted with myself and fellow XTERRA pro Emma Garrard. We chatted about Lance Armstrong, on road vs off road racing, sponsors and what it means to be a professional triathlete, and much more. Click the image below to listen…



Snake Gap Mountain Bike Time Trial

2012 started with some fun (as usual) down at the Snake Gap MTB TT in Dalton, GA. Two of my buddies, Craig Evans and Matt Schupp, and I headed down the day before to do a little spin at Raccoon Mountain along the way.

Trying to look cool at the overlook on Raccoon Mountain the day before the Snake Gap


Because this was the first race of the year, and quite early in the season, all of us were a little nervous about our fitness. We knew it was going to hurt and we were going to suffer, but at least we would all be hurting together.

Getting ready to throw down at the Snake Gap MTB TT


It was a free-for-all time trial start, which meant that whenever you got to the start line, that’s when you started. Craig and I left 10 seconds apart and I soft pedaled to wait up for him so we could ride together. We then proceed to crush it. Check out the data that I collected on my Timex GPS Global Trainer.

Data from my Timex GPS Global Trainer via Training Peaks


I was stoked and quite pleasantly surprised to feel very strong right from the start. Craig and I rode together until the last few miles, where I turned the throttle and put 1:40 into him to pick up the win in 2:48:55. Not a bad way to start the year!