Scruffy No More

I made it through Offensive October, No Shave November, and Dirty December, but I couldn’t come up with a rhyming descriptive for January, so I decided to get rid of it all.

In the beginning it looked like this

Then I went for a chin strip

I didn’t like all that hair on my upper lip (or at least the stuff in the middle)

No more ‘stache

A little flavor saver

Aaahhhh much better with just chops

No chops, just burns

Smooth as a baby’s bottom

Went for a little trim on top of the melon to finish it all off. Much more clean cut.



Additional Benefits of Down Time

For many triathletes, or at least the ones smart enough to list to their coach, friends, family, science, the experts, trainers, and the countless other authorities on the subject, around now is the time of year that we take a bit of down time. A week or two or three of no training. Time to rest, both physically and mentally. Let your body completely recover and recharge and let your mental energy levels do the same. Many articles, blogs, and other pieces have been written on the topic, but I think most of them miss some of the most key reasons to take a break from training.

Below are 10 additional benefits of taking down time that the “experts” don’t tell you about:

  1. You finally have time to watch all 3 Lord of the Rings movies (including deleted scenes) straight through
  2. You finally have time to practice your celebrity impersonations while reading The Night Before Christmas
  3. You finally have time to read War and Peace in one sitting
  4. You finally have time to learn the alphabet backwards
  5. You finally have time to do all those little things that have been piling up around the house; such as clipping the dogs toenails, discovering what that smell is behind the fridge, and cleaning out your belly button lint
  6. You finally have time to try out all those recipes that you have been eyeing on
  7. You finally have time to feed your goldfish… who apparently died three months ago from not feeding him, but you didn’t notice. So I guess you now have time to go get a new one
  8. You finally have time to count all the holes in the ceiling panels at the dentists office (even if you don’t have an appointment to see the dentist until April)
  9. You finally have time to make that life size model of Abraham Lincoln out of Multigrain Cheerios
  10. You finally have time to sit down and attempt to be funny and creative while writing a blog about doing nothing for 2 weeks

Do you have any other reasons I may have missed about why some down time is good for you?



Skirt Chaser 5k

I know this is grossly delayed (the Skirt Chaser 5k was on Oct 1st), but I’ve just now got around to getting a bunch of photos together from Bobbie Turner (kick a$$ photographer) and SUAR. Talk about a fun afternoon!


The Start. The Finish. The Expo. The whole shebang!


Part of the last mile was inside the Sports Authority Field at Mile High


The women are off! 3 minutes til the guys get to chase them down.


The men getting ready to chase the women


Getting ready to strut my stuff for 5k


Finishing up a fun little joggy jog


Post race dance party!


Rocking out in the pink dress


Would you look at that!


Showing off the legs with speedster Megan Hebbe


Super star photographer Bobbie Turner



That Makes Ya Feel Cool!

Via LinkedIn a fellow triathlete contacted me a while back. He said he was looking to inspire his son and help him along the path of being athletic, healthy, and fit. So of course I wanted to help in any way I could. So when he asked for signed jersey, I was absolutely flattered. A signed jersey from me? That would motivate his son? Wow! Talk about an amazing feeling.

I signed the jersey. Sent it off with a couple of Timex hats and I got this photo in return. I can’t explain the wonderful feelings I get from seeing this. I hope that boy gets as much out of that jersey and I got from seeing his picture with it!