How to catch a LOT of zzz’s

In attempts to thwart jet lag, Shelby and I have been taking Ambien or Tylenol PM the last few nights. You would think that I would notice the size, shape, and color of the pills that I’ve been popping the previous evenings, but no.

Last night, I walked into the bathroom, grabbed the bottle of Tylenol PM, and shook out a couple of pills. As I made my way to the bedroom I stuck one in my mouth and handed the other to Shelby. Before she could say anything, I swallowed it. She looked at the pill, looked up at me and busted out laughing. “Do you know what you just took?” she struggled to say while laughing hysterically. My eyes got wide, “What did I just take?!?” Between huge belly laughs, she told me that I just took a Vicodin. If you think that was a dumb move, just keep reading.

“Well that isn’t going to help me sleep” I said to myself. I went back to the bathroom, put the other Vicodin back in the bottle, got two tiny blue pills and double checked with Shelby that they were Tylenol PM. As I handed her one of the pills to get confirmation that it was indeed Tylenol PM, I popped the other in my mouth. Instantly that sent Shelby into even more hysterical laughter! “You didn’t just take that one as well did you?!? You didn’t need to take both!” She doubled over in laughter as I crawled into bed with my tail tucked between my legs. This would make for an interesting nights sleep…

The next morning the affects of the two drugs together was rather apparent when the alarm went off at 7:30am. I could barely talk, move, or open my eyes I was so zonked! Shelby got out of bed, showered and went to work. I passed back out didn’t wake up until nearly 11:30! Head groggy, eyes heavy, I now sit sipping coffee trying to get ready to head to the pool. I certainly learned my lesson with that one!


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