8500ft of Fun

With massive wild fires just outside of Boulder, we decided to come up to Shelby’s condo in Fraser (right outside Winter Park) to get some good training in without having to worry about what the smoke was doing to our lungs. Dan and I, packed the mini van in a whorl wind of a rush and hopped in the car to make our way to our mountain get-a-way. You would have thought that we were going to be gone for a few weeks with all the stuff that we packed, but that’s the nice thing about taking a big car – you can take all you want!

 After knocking out a quick swim right when we arrived, we headed out for a nice easy 40 min run. Well… “nice and easy” has a bit of a new meaning when you go up 3,000ft higher than what you’re normally used to training at. So our “run” was more of a jog.

We took Bella (Shelby’s dog) with us and I think we may have broke her. She’s been sleeping non stop ever since we got back over 24 hours ago. I told her to watch her electrolyte intake, but she would listen… because she’s a dog! Duh! 🙂

The next morning we got up somewhat early (why get up with an alarm when you can just wake up when your bodies ready?!?) to head out for a session of repeats. 8x [3min on, 2min off] is a lot harder when you can’t breathe or feel your fingers. We all came a little unprepared for the cold weather, but when you threw on enough stuff it was bound to keep you warm. I’m running with my mountain bike gloves on 🙂 I guess when you look at this pic further, Damian and Kaz don’t looks so weird, just me.


Dan didn’t want to wear his mountain bike gloves, so what better than a pair of running socks! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I would like you to meet Mr. Dan “Sockhands” Hugo.


After our run, we jumped in the iCool to rejuvenate the legs. This thing is portable ice bath that you can set the temp to your pleasing. We had it at 50 degrees F and boy o boy is that chilly! Feels fantastic after 15 minutes or so. 15 minutes you say?!? Don’t worry, your legs go numb after about 3 minutes and you can’t feel anything 🙂

With another swim and an easy 90 minute spin, we finished the day pretty knackered! I can’t wait to get up and do it all over again tomorrow!


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