TransRockies Mountain Bike Race

We have limited internet access, so my blogs will be short for the time being. I’ve got lots of video from the Go Pro Camera and great data from my Timex GPS Global Trainer that will have to be uploaded at the end of this wicked gnar gnar race! So here we go…

After spending my birthday with my dad and brother fishing in the mountains of Idaho, I made my way to Whitefish, MT to pick up fellow Timex athlete Matt Boobar. On Saturday we made a b line for the border and luckily made it through uninterrupted.

We arrived in Fernie and went straight to registration to get things rolling. Through a bit of a mix up our race plates were not totally ready for our bikes, so we had to hand write them in. Seven was our team number, but 007 sounds so much cooler, so it stuck. We ended up picking up UCI licenses for the race so that we would be eligible for prize money. It turned into a bit of a fiasco, but after several hours we were all set to race and crush it (we hoped!).

The day of stage 1 it poured down rain constantly. We fully expected to be riding the whole time in the mud and end up coming back looking like the bikes in this pic. Luckily for us, the rain stopped just as we rolled to the start line. The ride was a rough one with Matt riding strong the first half and pulling me, and then me taking the lead and pulling the second half. It was only 29k, but it took us 2 hours, 27 minutes to end up crossing the line in 7th. I made the comment to Matt that this was the first race that I had ever worn Chamois Butter for and it felt like I had diarrhea in my shorts the whole ride. Fun stuff!

That was only the beginning of the race! We’ll keep posting when we can, but will have all our adventures in full at the end of the race. Make sure to check out the Timex Team and Sugoi Facebook pages for more updates along with the Timex Team Blog.


2 responses to “TransRockies Mountain Bike Race”

  1. Paul Stapley says:

    Good luck Will and Matt!

  2. Marc Scudamore says:

    Have a great race. Looks like fun!

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