Tony the Kornhole

Ok, so his real name is Tony Kornheiser, but I think I’m gonna call him kornhole from now on.
Cruising around FB the other day, I came across a group devoted to stopping Tony Kornheiser’s awful talk radio show. Why stop it you may ask? Because this guy is a jacka$$ who instigates violence and is completely anti-cycling.
The other week he went on a rant about “…running cyclist off the road….” and “…just give them a tap. Don’t kill them, just tap them…”  It blew up pretty quick when Lance Armstrong tweeted it. He then went on to appologize because of the grief he was getting for it. And last week he had Lance on the show (
You can read more about it in a blog by Denver Post Sports writer John Meyer.
This is just fuel to the fire that we need to figure out how to SHARE THE ROAD.


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