That Was A Little Rough…

Tough days make you tougher.  I’m talking days where you are suffering whether it be from the weather, your fitness, the workout, the terrain, or that fact that the guys you’re running with are wicked fast. I find days like these can help you with mental training just as much as the physical.
I totally got my ass handed to me this morning at the run workout. It was 10 x (2min on, 2min off). I only made it through 6 of them and got dropped by like 50 meters each time. I was definitely the slowest guy out there. Yet, how does that make me feel? MOTIVATED!!
I now have the desire to go out, train my butt off, and try to run up in the front with those guys. I may be a geeky triathlete, but I know I can still hang with the big boy runners at a speed workout. You just watch me!


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