Breakfast with Lance

This is a re-post of Conrad Stoltz’s blog about his recent interactions with Lance down in South Africa. I was so entertained by it, I just had to share it with everyone. Enjoy!
Lance Armstrong
Lance choppered onto stage, stayed 41 minutes and 23 seconds before Range Rovering out, President Zuma style in a motorcade.

While on stage, he dazzled us with his whit and amazing speaking skill. He chatted with the iconic Phil Liggett and his new South African Team Radio Shack team mate, Daryl Impey.


The day before there was a funds raising group ride along the ocean from Cape Town to Hermanus. Too bad it rained all the way – probably one of the most scenic rides in the world. R175 000 ($23k) got you in. Word from the bunch is, Phil Liggett gave Lance “the look.”


Off course, Lance spoke about the Livestrong Foundation (I think they have raised $360 million for cancer so far) and about how to beat Contador. “The best climber in the world, and a great time trailist”


I cant remember the words he used, (like I said, he is a magician with words, PR and business) but basically he said “We will take him to the cleaners (excuse the pun) on tactics and race smarts.” Lance then referred to stage 3 which is basically a mini Paris Roubaix with lots of cobbles.


This weekend however, by the sounds of it, their (Daryl and Lance’s) plan on winning the worlds biggest fun ride, (The Cape Argus cycle tour), is: Either Lance rides everyone off up Chapman’s Peak or “the bossy hill – I have enough bossy people to remember that name” – LA (Suikerbossie), or Daryl Impey will win the line sprint with Lance as lead out man.


The Lance quote I took home was: “The key to improving your riding is: Lose weight, or buy a lighter bike.” Since I already ride the lightest Specialized available, I guess its back to the drawing board and empty out the cupboard. (Thats a joke)


Well, Lance was in such a hurry to Zuma off again, he completely missed out on his book signing and photo opportunity with me.


So Lance, my next appearance is at The Basic coffee shop in Stellenbosch on Tuesday at about 7.30. You can pick up your signed book there, and I’ll even throw in a personalized Specialized poster.


Conrad Stoltz book signed for Lance Armstrong


Conrad Stoltz message to Lance Armstrong


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