TransRockies Day 6 – The Grand Finale

Vail to Beaver Creek – 21.2 miles

This was it. The final day of our 6 day run. This time there was no saving any for the next day (not that we were able to go much faster anyway!). It was definitely a bittersweet day. The last 5 days had slowly drained Toby and I, both physically and mentally, so one last push of 21.2 miles was a welcome site.
After awarding Andrew (the announcer) a WS4 the night before, he called us up to the front of the starting shoot that morning to get everyone warmed up in our own special way. What way you ask? By doing the Peanut Butter Jelly Time dance!

The Timex WS4 – the Wide Screen 4 function watch helped keep Toby and I on track over 113 miles. Check it out online at
After doing our warm up dance, Toby and I stayed in the front. Just for fun, on the lead out out of town, he and I jumped to the front to say “we were leading the race.” The real race actually started when we crossed the foot bridge over I-70 and the leaders took off uphill at a blistering pace as usual.
To make sure that we got enough climbing in, the race organizers sent us up another massive, lung busting climb that would eventually drop us into the town of Avon. There was definitely a light heartiness about us that day, knowing that this was it. Taking in as much of the scenery as we could, we decided not to leave anything out there as well.
Push, push, push
As hard as you can
You’ll never catch us
Tuff Brit & American

The descent down into Avon was awe inspiring. The single track trail sliced a thin line through the lush fields of wild flowers that blanketed the hill side. You had to resist looking up and staring at the magnificent sights around you because one wrong step on these narrow, steep, off camber trails and you would be rolling the rest of the way down!

We started the race with several tunnels on day 1, and finished it the same way on day 6. It really put a smile on my face to duck down and fly though the creek filled culverts. The launch over the ice water filled creeks to climb back out.

As the grand finale, we ascended a couple thousand feet up to Beaver Creek from the valley floor. Again we didn’t leave anything thing out there, pushing as hard as we could with what little was left in our legs. After 5 days and over 20,000ft of elevation gain so far, our “fast” wasn’t so “fast.”

Being unique as always, Toby grabbed our tow rope, wrapped it around my neck and strangled me with it as we crossed the finish line. A not so typical finish, for a not so typical group of lads.
After we crossed the finish line, were given our finishers medals and shirts, we plopped down on the grass above the chute to cheer the other races across the line. It was surprising that once I sat down, my body finally said “I’m done!” Almost immediately I was overcome with a soreness and tired feeling that I hadn’t felt the past week. I hurt everywhere and just wanted a nap! It was great!

We all (a group of 8 of us) dumped our stuff at the hotel and headed straight for the hot tub and pool not long after finishing. Greasy burgers and fries were the perfect treat as we splashed around and relaxed in the pool.

Hanging around the bright poolside, I had my Rudy Projects on as always. I wore (and still do wear) these glasses everyday. It was so nice to have the adjustable ear and nose pieces for the varying conditions of the ever changing race. Find about more about them at

That night there was a huge banquet and awards ceremony to honor and celebrate all the runners, crew, and other fantastic people and organizations involved with the TransRockies Run.
It was really fun to see everyone dressed up.

We, of course, got silly as usual and partied the night away. I’m not going to post all the pics from that night on grounds that I don’t want to incriminate anyone. hehehe 🙂

So there it is… The TransRockies Run. One of, if not the most, epic things I have ever done in my entire life (so far). I would totally recommend that anyone who fancies themselves a runner should do this. Anyone who wants a real challenge should do this. And anyone who just wants to have the time of their life for a week in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with some absolutely amazing people, should do this. I can’t say enough good things about the staff, crew, other runners, and all the people involved in this race. I will be back for sure next year, ready to run my keester off!


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