TransRockies Day 3

Leadville to Nova Guides at Camp Hale – 24 miles

This was going to be a real test for Toby and I. For him, the ankle and ribs were not doing well. For me, this would be the longest run (in both time and distance) that I had ever done! We were both a little nervous, but it ended up working out just dandy!

This was a cool race start for Stage 3 – Main St in Leadville! Lead out of town by the police, we were certainly a sight to see! We put in a few miles along the highway before turning off onto the dirt and starting a climb. Another climb?!? Oh what a surprise! 😉

As soon as we left the pavement, out came the tow line. We knew if we were going to finish this day we would have to seriously work together. There were 2 creek crossings early on that we strategically avoided (sort of). We skirted around the first one, and to keep Toby’s ankle wrap dry, I gave him a piggy back across the second one.
Nutrition and Hydration were key for this day because as I mentioned before, I have never gone this long. I had two bottles strapped to my hands and went through them between each aid station.
I went with the New Balance 790 again because I feel that they are one of the closest things to natural running (no shoes). I really like how they aren’t over built and they allow my body to run naturally, as its meant to. They dried out pretty quickly after the creek crossing, so my feet felt great the rest of the day.
It was a little frustrating when Toby and I would work our way past several teams and then on the downhill, they would fly past us. This happened a couple of times throughout the day and when it came to the final descent and then flat 3 miles to finish, I had had enough. I didn’t want to lose all that time we had worked so hard for and when we popped out onto a dirt road for the final approach to the finish, some really light a fire under me.
I turned to Toby and said “I feel the need. The need for speed!” And off we went. I was giving it every thing I had. Sweat poring down my face, drool flying from my lips, legs screaming to stop. But I wouldn’t give in because I was determined to make up some of that lost time. My plan was to hold that grueling pace until Toby said something, but I later learned that he had said to himself that he wouldn’t back off until I did. We made such a great team! Though we only caught one other team of runners, I was very content with the effort at the end of the day. Not a bad way to finish the longest run I had ever done (and while towing someone!).
Fun sight to see at the finish line. We wore our Team Timex kits today and totally matched all the banners and flags. REPRESENT!

Life is so rough when you have to run in the morning and then get a massage in the afternoon.

Sarah, one of the TRR crew, could often be found in her hammock in the back of the Uhaul in the afternoon. She just moved over 300 giant, wicked heavy duffel bags on and off of the truck, I think a little nap is in order.

This is what we would do every afternoon, just hang out. It was so much fun! Run in the morning, shower, eat, and then hang out. Doesn’t get much better.

After showing off the “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” dance to everyone at the house the night before the race started, they insisted that I do it in front of everyone one of the nights. So when the perfect opportunity arose, I just up on the table and announced to everyone that “the Timex boys want to make sure everyone knows what time it is! It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!” I did my little song and dance and had the entire room laughing. I was then on known as “the peanut butter jelly guy.”

Getting a classy shot with the sponsors logo in front of the awards stage.

Thomas Miller brought Toby and I up to help present awards for the evening. It was pretty cool to be recognized as “The Timex Team.” Great way to show everyone how much Timex is involved with the race and it really matters to them/us.


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