Sailing in the Bay of Plenty

On Saturday, Andrea invited me to go sailing with a bunch of her friends in the Bay of Plenty. The eight of us loaded up the boat with sun screen, snacks, and enough satisfying beverages to slap a well seasoned sailor silly!

The gang. Allen, Maggie, Jerri, Barry, Stephanie, Ian, Andrea, and me

Holy cow! Check it out! I love sailing and this boat had a pretty sweet setup

Setting sails across the seven seas (or something like that)

Making myself useful

When that wind hits the sails hard, the boat really leans. It was so fun getting my sea legs under me.

Working on my sun burn

The group out for a swim in jellyfish infested waters just before lunch

Them’s some big sails!

And of course I had to finish up the day with more eating. A giant burger and fries really hit the spot after spending 10 hours out on the boat


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