Milford Sound

Sarah, Paul, Ali, Keira, and I hopped on a bus from Queenstown to Milford Sound to see what all the fuss was about. And boy o boy was it worth it! The pictures definitely don’t do it justice, but you’ll at least get a glimpse of the massivenessousity and gorgousnisty of it all (Bushism’s).

Getting soaked under a waterfall

The views were immense

A pack of dolphins decided to give us a show and swim next to the boat for a bit
On our drive back to Queenstown the bus was stopped by a massive herd of sheep. There had to be nearly a 1000 of them!

There was also a bit of celebration on the bus for one other American and myself on January 21st (January 20th back in the States). We were slightly less embarrassed to call ourselves Americans now that we no longer have a monkey running the country. We are now hopeful, instead of fearful, of the future of our country and its affects on the world.


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