Last Ride in Sydney

My last ride in Sydney was gnarly! Starting out in early morning, there was a fair amount of fog hanging over all the valleys. Dropping hundreds of feet down the first of several river gorges, the fog became very heavy. I’m talking fog so thick you could cut it with a spoon! (that’s how that saying goes… right?)

After an easy climb (20 minutes) out of that canyon, it was down another. Switchback after switchback had my internal compass spinning. The corners where so tight I thought the pavement might just start sliding down the hill! The bottom of that canyon lead to another breath taking 20 minute climb.

That just wasn’t enough to satisfy my descending/climbing crave for the day, so down another gorge. The ride down was nothing exciting, but the ferry ride across the river at the bottom was non stop excitement!

At 2.5 hours it was time for a quick snack, but not until I did one more decent and climb! Down the Pacific Highway to Broken Bay and back up (another 20ish minute climb). Coming around the final corner, Pie in the Sky awaited my sore a$$ and empty stomach.

Coca Cola and a meat pie have become the staple of my long rides and today was no different. Saltly, sugary, fatty, carb filled goodness all in one little snack. Yum Yum!

Finally to drive the point home that I REALLY LIKE HILLS, I dropped down into the earlier fog filled gorge for yet another leg burning, bug in mouth uphill adventure on the way out.

All and all, quite a fun filled ride for my last cycling outing in Sydney. Now onto the land of Kiwis!


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