Saturday Sprint Tri

The Hills Triathlon Club put on several races this past Saturday. Andrew (my homestay) and I, along with several other athletes from his tri club, raced strong and had a great time. Yee-Foong (Andrew’s girlfriend) was out there being an awesome athletic supporter, taking great pictures and cheering us on. There were over 200 people of all ages out to just have a good time.

The races were located in the complex where the rowing was held for the 2000 Olympic games. The course was pretty unique. Since the entire complex was designed and built for the specific purpose of rowing, everything is centered around the lake. The lake itself is a massive rectangle.

Andrew did the Sprint distance and I did the Short Sprint distance (the full Sprint filled up). The races were either 750m or 500m swim then 20km ride and 5k run. It was a hot, windy day and with no protection around the lake, it was rather rough race conditions. I loved it!

Talking pre race strategy. It was something along the lines of tying a rope to some crocs and skiing in behind them.

Coming out of the water in 5th.
Olympic rings in the background means Andrew must be an Olympian
Getting aero as I worked my way up to 2nd

Rocking the drops and making it look easy

Running solid
What a fun race!!!
The Hornsby Triathlon Club. Rockstars!!

Being recognized by the race director as one of two international athletes. I picked up the win for the short sprint, but only after having to run my butt off to catch up to the leader. It hurt so good! I can’t wait to do it again 🙂


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