Fun Filled Day in Sydney

Not wanting to miss a moment of all the exciting possibilities at my finger tips, I hopped on a train to Sydney for the day. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll let the photos show you all the cool things I saw.

This pool hung over the bay. Battleships in the background. Freakin sweet!
Walking through the botanical gardens, there were hundreds of giant bats!
These flowers were huge.
Trippy trees
Crazy art work outside of the botanical gardens

Very cool architecture

My swim buddy I met at the Wildlife Adventure
This spider was GIGANTIC!
This python gave me the creeps

This lizard ran up to the window and just stood there looking at me like this.
Very cute. Very lazy.
Just chillin.
uummmm… that’s a big bird

Here you go little wombat statue, have a Coke.
They were so fat, stocky, and funny

Still being lazy.
I finished the day by stopping at a Chinese market on my way back to the train station.


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