Shepparton Half Ironman

Abi, Steven, and I poppedd up to Shepparton for the Half Ironman on Sunday. Our homestay was quite a character and I met a few other intersting blokes. Steven took 7th on the day and Abi was 3rd.

I showed Steven and Abi the hippie Q-tip. You light a special paper tube on fire and VUALA! it pulls this gross glob of greasy goop out of your ear canals.

We spent most of Monday chilaxin’ and I have to say it was quite nice. Cutting out the stress of everyday hubbub really feels great. If you get the chance to slow things down, lower the aggitation meter a notch or two, go for it! I could certainly get used to this life style, other than it might make it a bit hard to pay the bills when the money runs out. But til then…


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