2nd Race of the Weekend

Doing a half ironman on Saturday and then doing a sprint on Sunday sounded like a good idea when my buddy Brian talked me into it, but in hind sight….

After my 5th place finish at the Patriot triathlon, I threw my compression socks and tights back on tried to get for tomorrows sprint tri. I have to say, my motivation was a bit lacking, but after a nap, and a bunch of food, I was ready to make it happen.

As the alarm went off Sunday morning, I hopped out of bed feeling better than I thought I would (still not stellar though). We packed up the cars used the Garmin to zig zag our way through new england back roads to the Holliston Lions Triathlon.

Setting up transition, thoughts of being hard core enough to pull off a grueling double race weekend kept me optimistic. I would soon find out that wasn’t in the cards.

The swim went well. I felt long, smooth, and not as tired as I had anticipated. I guess all that swimming I did when I had my foot infection paid off. The bike went about the same. I was a little slow to start, but all in all felt pretty good. The run is another story. Almost immediately out of transition, my hamstrings and calves were screaming. I attempted to “run” the first mile, but dropped from 6th place so quickly I can’t actually call what I was doing “running.” Realizing the posterior side of my legs were shot, I shut it down and jogged the remaining 4 miles.

I was happy with the day though because after it was all over, I did feel better than I did the day before. Think of it as active recovery 🙂 But now I know better, and probably won’t do that ever again. Now it was time to head home and prepare for some more training and the XTERRA Iron Creek in South Dakota the following weekend.


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